Has it stopped snowing yet?

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

December 16th, 2010



At Cottage Life, we like to think that we keep up with what’s going on in cottage country. And for the most part we do. Until winter hits. Then I find myself wondering what’s going on out there. Which areas have snow? Which lakes are frozen thick enough to walk on. When I was still talking about fall colours here in southern Ontario, I know some of our northern cottagers were already building snowmen.

Summer is no problem. If it’s summer, I know that wherever you are, the days are mostly warm, the skies are mostly blue, and, like me, you are soaking up the rays and happily playing on cottage country lakes, rivers, and beaches.

But in winter, things change. While my daughter digs out of waist-deep in snow in London, and Cottage Life’s production manager shovels mountains off her deck in Barrie (that’s her photo, above), I look out my office window and there is barely any of the white stuff on the ground. Winter confounds me, because at any given time, cottagers are experiencing it differently.

Can you help me out? Tell me what’s going on at your cottage—or where you live. How much snow do you have? Is your lake frozen over? Are you skating (or curling) on it yet? I need to know these things.


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Jan. 13, 2011

4:42 pm

We just made our first trip to camp on Jan. 9th. We knew the ice conditions were safe for walking and snowmobiling (about 6-8"). But we were surprised by how much snow there was. Sudbury, only 50 minutes away has about 5-6" of snow, but Panache had almost two feet of gorgeous, fluffy white snow! It was so beautiful. I'm hoping the woods and trees are still covered when I go back so I can take more photos!

Charles & Tess in Hong Kong

Dec. 30, 2010

9:26 pm

Just in case you didn't know, there is no snow in Hong Kong and the kids have finished their sailing lessons.


Dec. 20, 2010

10:26 pm

About 4 inches of snow an hour east of Sault Ste Marie. Our lake (just east of Thessalon) has no ice. Have things ever changed! 12 years ago we'd be buried in snow by now and the snow machine trails would be open by the start of December. Last year a lot of the trails around here didn't open at all.

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