Waterfall photos, take three—or is it four?

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

November 8th, 2010

Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay

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I’m confused. I’m fairly sure Randy Craig’s spectacular waterfall pictures didn’t go up on Friday, as scheduled. I’m pretty sure I just posted them a few minutes ago. But since technology is confounding me, I have decided to post the rest of the waterfall photos tonight. If that means that I’ve posted THREE times today, forgive me. Or applaud, whichever seems most appropriate!

The first two shots here are from Robin Adair, who writes, “These pictures were taken on a trip to New Brunswick during the Father’s Day weekend of 2007. My dad had just turned 85 in March, and I thought that it would be great if just the two of us made a four-day father-son trip back to his home province of New Brunswick, knowing that this would probably be the last time he would see his remaining family members. We drove 800 km from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, visiting family and places where he grew up. We found ourselves only slightly lost once—he still knew all the roads!

Fuller Falls

Fundy National Park

Ron Hell wrote, “Attached is an image of my favourite waterfall. If you live in Northern Ontario, you know it and love it—Kakabeka Falls in all its splendor! Our “Niagara of the North” plunges 40 metres over sharp cliffs. The mighty Kaministiquia River has been carving this spectacular image for centuries. I love it because of the sheer volume of water going over each spring and especially after lots of rain—very powerful and mesmerizing to watch. It’s just 20 minutes west of my hometown, Thunder Bay, in the community of Kakabeka Falls.

Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay

Coopers Falls 1

Coopers Falls 2

Christine Franks sent us these photos of Coopers Falls. “It is an amazing site, and there is a home looking right at it—what a view they have!” she says.“‘Cooper’ is a well known family name around here. Frank Cooper built most of the roads in the area, and he does most of the ground construction/maintenance. He is 85 years old now, and he can still swing a sledge hammer with the best of them. He works every day and has the respect of everyone who has ever met him. He has the adjoining property to this falls and a lovely path going right to the base of it. We love this falls, as we know once we get to this point we are very close to our cottage. Even the dog knows! The rumble and power of the falls is fascinating. Each year is different, depending on what kind of winter and spring we get. The color, the noise, the flow—it’s amazing.”

If you have photos of waterfalls (or anything else) you’d like to share, I’d love to see them. E-mail them to editorial@cottagelife.com. Please use “Waterfall photos” as your subject line. Thanks to all the readers who submitted photos to date. If you want to track more Ontario waterfalls, here’s a map I found.

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