The best butter tart in cottage country

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

March 18th, 2010


From the Cottage Life Best Butter Tart Ever survey, here are some of my favourite answers to the question, “Where do you find the best butter tarts in cottage country?”

  • it’s on the left)..I can’t remember the name!
  • sadly
  • In our neck of the woods
  • My fridge freezer.  I bake in big batches
  • Cooling on my counter!

And the best answer:

  • in my tummy

Anna Olson, who hosts Fresh with Anna Olson on Food Network Canada, will be at the Cottage Life Spring Show this year. Anna will be in the Cottage Kitchen on Sunday, March 27, running an informal butter tart clinic. As I understand, she’ll demo her own butter tarts and show visitors how to bake a better tart. And I suspect there will be samples.

Update: If you’ve just arrived here, you’re probably wondering why I seem to be the only person commenting on my own post, and why I have so many favourite butter tarts. When the website was relaunched in May, existing comments were transferred to the new site, but the commenters’ names weren’t. I’m not sure why, it’s a technical thing. But please help out by adding your new comments, and this post won’t look so odd.


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Jul. 25, 2010

4:52 pm

I HAVE to tell you about this little place my wife and I stop at while in Barrie Ontario. We walked in, it was small and did not have really much to look at as far as the shop goes BUT.... these Butter Tarts that were in he display looked very good. HA !!! Good??? NOT AT ALL !!! They were GREAT !!!!!!!!!! The place is called "The Sweet Oven" They have a selection of butter tarts to try. I had the Skor tart and I could NOT believe the tart ! I was by far the best I have ever had (besides Mom's of course) LOL If you are ever in Barrie Ontario and want a butter tart GO to the SWEET OVEN off of the hwy 400 just before you gt downtown Barrie (Going north) and it is beside the GM dealership. 75 Barrie View Drive. You will NOT be dissappointed! Enjoy

Dena Elliott

Jul. 18, 2010

8:54 pm

Ola! I am told, there is no contest, although we won the contest! That is, best buttertarts contest! You must, must come and try just the best buttertart ever! Just north on Barrie on Highway 93, north of Orr Lake, south of Wyebridge, in a little place called Waverley, I guarantee, you will find the best buttertart. I know this because the 20 dozen+ that we sell every Thursday through Sunday keeps growing, by the week. They call and order in advance, they drive from Toronto, they drive from North Bay. It's worth the drive to Waverley, because you know..."You Can't Rush a Good Tart!" Be well, and may our paths cross often in the future. D.

Martin Zibauer

Martin Zibauer

Apr. 15, 2010

3:00 pm

Lucy, they put those warnings on for a reason. Marty's cookbook was featured a while back in a reader's Cottage Cookbook Report. I believe the book includes the butter-tart recipe.


Apr. 15, 2010

2:53 pm

The best butter tarts I have had were from Marty's in Bracebridge, ON. They are large, gooey, and bursting with flavor ! When purchased, a warning sticker is placed on the box. It reads " Warning : do not drive and eat these tarts, you'll wear them. " So true, we couldn't wait and true to the warning ended up oozing all over the place. At least the pooch got to try some too LOL

Martin Zibauer

Martin Zibauer

Apr. 14, 2010

8:35 pm

Cottage country is a big, open, and welcoming place, so of course Niagara on the Lake can be part of it. BTW, is there a restaurant in Virgil that has a general-store feel, with hardwood floors and wooden tables? My aunt and I had lunch somewhere near there a few years ago, when I took her to the falls. I didn't have a butter tart, unfortunately.

Apr. 14, 2010

7:02 pm

Best Butter Tart ever is at The Pie Plate, Virgil, Ontario. Local Niagara On The Lake chefs, in all the high end hotels, for any wedding, or party request, special order them from Pie Plate, no one can make them better. Bought them for our son's rehearsal dinner dessert in Los Angeles, the pastry box was our carry-on luggage.... is NOTL considered cottage country?

Martin Zibauer

Martin Zibauer

Apr. 8, 2010

12:45 pm

Squares? That's a walk on the wild side. For other radical readers, I'll link to Canadian Living's recipe for Butter Tart Squares.

Apr. 8, 2010

12:33 pm

My best butter tart is not a tart at all. It's a square. I heard that gasp!! I love butter tarts but I'm not great at pastry so when I found a recipe for Butter Tart Squares in the Canadian Living magazine (July 2009) I was thrilled. They are easy to make and ooey, gooey good. And, yes, I make them with raisins and walnuts. Hey, why waste the better part of a mouthful of butter tart on pastry?? I want the yummy filling. I've already ticked off a good friend who, supposedly, makes "the best" butter tarts but ... mine are better.

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