The best butter tart in cottage country

By Martin Zibauer | 18 Mar 2010

From the Cottage Life Best Butter Tart Ever survey, here are some of my favourite answers to the question, “Where do you find the best butter tarts in cottage country?”

And the best answer:

Anna Olson, who hosts Fresh with Anna Olson on Food Network Canada, will be at the Cottage Life Spring Show this year. Anna will be in the Cottage Kitchen on Sunday, March 27, running an informal butter tart clinic. As I understand, she’ll demo her own butter tarts and show visitors how to bake a better tart. And I suspect there will be samples.

Update: If you’ve just arrived here, you’re probably wondering why I seem to be the only person commenting on my own post, and why I have so many favourite butter tarts. When the website was relaunched in May, existing comments were transferred to the new site, but the commenters’ names weren’t. I’m not sure why, it’s a technical thing. But please help out by adding your new comments, and this post won’t look so odd.