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By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

January 13th, 2010


Asking readers to help us choose the cover of Cottage Life is a regular part of producing the magazine. It’s always inspiring to see which one most appeals to you. This time, I’d love it if you would tell me why you voted the way you did. What attracted you to your cover? (Or what didn’t you like about the others? Don’t worry, we can take it!) We’ll be “listening,” and your feedback will help us bring you more great Cottage Life covers.

Here are the three covers being considered for the next issue.




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Sep. 10, 2012

5:40 pm

Totally the Chairs but change the title. "Boom or Bust" doesn't sound to relaxing for a cottage inspired publication. It gives negative feeling emotions thus unwillingness to read article.


Aug. 16, 2012

9:08 am

I favour the scene with the chairs....but without the chairs on the dock and without the "Quick and easy Pasta Sauce" and "BOOM OR BUST" wording. All of this wording and advertising on the cover takes away from the serenity and relaxation of the cottage atmosphere and leads readers away from the main title... which should be "Cottage Life". Any and all articles should be included and highlighted on the index pages. Sometimes...less is better.

Jul. 10, 2012

7:52 pm

Love the chairs! Because they represent what the cottage means to me....easy peesie, relaxation, enjoying my coffee on the water, reading my Cottage Life!


Jun. 1, 2012

8:47 am

I vote for the CHAIRS they are great

Monica Crimson

Mar. 18, 2012

4:59 pm



Sep. 12, 2011

10:47 pm

Chairs , Love the colors


Aug. 30, 2011

12:54 pm

Can't decide between #1 and #3. #1 as it is unique and I haven't seen it before (and it's a great shot!). #3 because it definitely gives me that feeling of what cottaging is about (and I don't have kids!) - it's just the feeling I get when I look at it. What a dream it must be to work for a mag that is all about what you love : )


Jan. 29, 2010

8:34 am



Jan. 21, 2010

12:10 pm

I chose #3. The girl looks relaxed and thoughtful, not bored, and reminds me of myself when I was young. The past few covers have had pale/sky backgrounds, and the greenery and darker scheme are a nice change.


Jan. 20, 2010

12:41 pm

I voted for #1 - I like the moose silhouette and the graphic "punch" that the shot gives #2 - I like the colourful chairs, but the large "Boom or Bust" heading put me off - we have enough doom & gloom in our daily lives that I don't want to be reminded of that in Cottage Life! #3 - a nice enough picture, but non-descript and not eye catching


Jan. 20, 2010

8:39 am

I am from Indian Lake, NS and the Halifax Mooseheads are my favourite hockey team, so I have to go with the Moose. (Number 1)


Jan. 18, 2010

7:44 pm

I vote for #3. The little girl looks very happy fishing. She is obviously having a good time doing so or she would be doing something else..


Jan. 18, 2010

3:08 pm

Love the MOOSE!!! Little different and funky. Don't like any pictures of kids (or people) on the cover, I prefer to pretend neither are at the cottage!!! Just think the chairs have been done. That being said, you could cover it in a brown paper bag and I would be just as excited to read it!!!!


Jan. 17, 2010

9:05 pm

I liked all 3 photos and the text layouts were fine. However, I didn't vote for the moose because it looked more like the cover for a cottage design magazine. #s 2 and 3 were close. I settled on #3 because it invoked more of an emotional reaction - kids playing by the water is a big part of what cottaging is all about for me.

Jan. 17, 2010

5:48 pm

I Like the Moose cover - we have had fishing, we have had chairs but I do not recall seeing a moose cover, and I love moose.


Jan. 17, 2010

4:11 pm

I first was attracted to #3 but then decided that it was a bit dark. #1 didn't do it for me because it's not a hunting magazine and to me it doesn't represent cottaging. #2 won me over because of the colourful chairs and the brightness of the photo. Muskoka chairs represent cottage life for me and relaxation which is what we all dream for at the cottage but which also seldom happens in reality unless of course you are either a guest or a renter.


Jan. 17, 2010

3:39 pm

I vote #3. Who can't relate to being a kid, and lost in thought staring into the water? Not a fan of the moose - too much of an "image" shot, and the muskoka chairs aren't anything new. The title of #3 with the picture makes it instantly seem like an interesting read.

Jan. 17, 2010

2:07 pm

#1 gets my vote. I love the moose

Jan. 17, 2010

9:30 am

I vote for #3. It makes me want to be at the cottage. Also the Dislike the moose. It's a cold looking cover and would not attract my attention pick it up. The chairs are nice, but we've seen lots of chairs.

Jan. 16, 2010

5:21 pm

I voted for the moose! Striking and leaves a lasting impression. The chairs were appealing and could have been my dock, but like others have said - unoriginal. I liked the type beneath the moose - studio art equals leisure time and taps into my imagination. I don't want cottage country to boom - nor to bust our bank account so the second edition resonated negatively with me.


Jan. 16, 2010

2:09 pm

I voted for #3. It shows how kids can be motivated to do something on their own at the cottage, they use their imagination and take a healthy break from computers and TV.

Jan. 16, 2010

1:24 pm

I like cover #3 best. The green appeals to me in the middle of another grey wintry day, the water is perfect, and while the second cover looks exactly like my cottage view, everything is too white for this time of year. I want lots of saturated colour and the little girl looks so intent on idle summer pastimes that I wish I was there.

Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Jan. 16, 2010

12:02 pm

What a fantastic response! Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.

Kerry Graham

Jan. 16, 2010

8:55 am

I love number 3! What a lovely little girl:) She is obviously not bored just focussed on making her next catch! That must be the most beautiful lake I've ever seen...I wish I could jump off that dock right now. Three is the sure winner.

Kamil Bialous

Jan. 15, 2010

3:30 pm

I vote for cover #1 with the moose. I think it's the strongest of what's presented here, and I haven't seen a cover like this before. Cover #2 is just a weak photo, and it seems like I've seen this cover a million times. Cover #3 photo is just not strong enough, I don't really like the composition, and it seems cluttered. kb

Jan. 15, 2010

12:45 pm

I vote for number three. I spent hours fishing and playing off the dock at a cabin outside of Cochrane, Ontario when I was a little girl and that picture brought back a lot of memories.


Jan. 15, 2010

12:22 pm

I chose #3. I was fortunate enough to have spent my summers as a kid at the cottage with immediate and extended family. I believe the cottage is the best place to set aside the time to connect with where we've come from; ties to family and ties to nature - roots.


Jan. 15, 2010

10:30 am

I vote for the moose. My wife and I were chased by a moose at the cottage so this animal has a special place in my cottage memories !!

Jan. 15, 2010

2:20 am

Personally I do not like the Moose cover at all. The Moose is a big black blotch in the middle of red and black then a big white bar across the middle of the page; but, I would pick this cover for the news stand as the red Cottage Life jumps out and the teaser copy is at the top where it will show, and with Real Estate Issue at the top' good for news stand people who possibly do not have a cottage. The chair cover is too divided, dark and light splitting the cover and pushing the chairs apart; as well as the big red BOOM OR BUST too tabloid. Cover 3 is the one I would like to see on my end table at the cottage. A very peaceful, cottagey look. Good angles in the picture layout (the other two are both split vertically an horizontally, very harsh) The thing I do not like is the big white 140 YEARS, but it fills the space, a smaller font might look worse.


Jan. 14, 2010

11:33 pm

I chose #2 because I didn't like #1 or #3!! The moose IS creepy. From a distance, it looked like a blob to me. Up close I realize it's kinda neat - but if I were passing it in the newsstand, I'd have to do a double-take. Maybe that's a good thing! ;) I agree with one of the above posters - enough with kids on a dock. I LOVE kids and can't wait to have grandkids, but it's not a 'cottagey' [is that a word?] image to me. Gotta love the chairs - although it is typical. Honestly, I have never looked at the fonts or titles on the cover - just the image!

bear watcher

Jan. 14, 2010

11:01 pm

I like cover #3 the best because I get a really heartwarming feeling when I see the little girl enjoying herself on the dock.

Nancy A.

Jan. 14, 2010

10:48 pm

It really depends who you are trying to attract. The "kid on the dock" goes to emotion: the people trying to build a generational cottage. The Moose may attract those who are exploring "what else could I do at my cottage - can it be a studio; can I retire there?" or those who are starting cottaging. The "chairs" are too much of the same - but may attract those who want to sit and relax (although the contents of "bankruptcy" behind the red chair may scare them off!) Let's not play musical chairs!


Jan. 14, 2010

10:02 pm

The moose. It's odd so that makes it attention-grabbing. Red in font appealing too.

Jan. 14, 2010

9:40 pm

#3 - Having Grandchildren catching frogs,minnow,swimming in the lake, boating ,exploring nature can usually only happen at the cottage and will be fond memories they cherish for life.

Jan. 14, 2010

8:45 pm

Picture #1: Simple, clean, with a little wink to humour. Love the idea of a 'moose' gazing into the distance from the deck railing. The chairs and kids on dock pictures feel a little 'been there, done that'.

Karla (Nunnari) Smith

Jan. 14, 2010

7:28 pm

Cover # 3 immediate took me back to my days at the cottage with my grandparents (50+ yrs. ago). I’d spend hours on the dock watching minnows, tadpoles and playing with my grandfather's fishing equipment. Bored? Not with all the life in the lake! I liked the rich colours, the focal point and the yellow print. Moose and Muskoka Chairs….see one you’ve seen ‘em all. Fond memories are what cover #3 is all about to me.


Jan. 14, 2010

6:40 pm

I vote for no. one....the moose. I find it graphically quite interesting. It's easy to love the dock and chairs but we have seen it many times. I also like the symmetry of the type on both sides of moosie...that is a nice use of the open space and it's good to see the formal symmetrical balance juxtaposed with the symbol of the Canadian bush.

Jan. 14, 2010

5:49 pm

I love the moose and me cover! I'm a rustic person and it really caught my eye! Nice switch from the usual children fishing off the dock and the old standby...dock chairs.

Jan. 14, 2010

5:45 pm

I voted for #3, because of the caption about six generations of cottagers. I don't normally vote for the cover with kids, but the caption and the lone child entertaining herself with a simple butterfly net was captivating. My second choice was the moose - the chairs have been done before.

Jan. 14, 2010

4:10 pm

I like the Moose & Me cover - it's different, catches your attention and is a nice alternative to the usual dock photos. On another note, I do think that the caption on the cover 'BEHIND THE RED LEAVES BANKRUPTCY' should display as 'Behind the Red Leaves Bankruptcy' instead, as is is on cover #2. The first caption is a bit confusing.... but maybe it's just an 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' thing with me...

Jan. 14, 2010

3:43 pm

I love the moose cover, I have my bathroom decorating in the moose theme, I think their cute and cool looking animal. We driving to our friends cottage we saw the mother and baby moose, they are really neat looking animals. I think the moose really represents cottage country.

Jan. 14, 2010

3:25 pm

Hi Penny, I voted for the moose...have you seen these creatures up close? They are incredible! Always a joy to come across one as it dosen't happen very often....and on the dock no less! Might have been one I saw last summer circling in the neighbours front lawn. Thanks for the up close and personal shot.


Jan. 14, 2010

3:06 pm

Don't really like any of them. The moose (#1)is gross looking. The chairs (#2)should be side-by-side. The child in #3 should have a life-jacket on.

Jan. 14, 2010

2:16 pm

#2 - the chairs drew my attention (bright, cheerful and makes me want to head north right away) and the "Boom or Bust" title and "Organize" are both things I would want to know about. I thought the moose one was weird - It took me a bit to realize it was fake and I just thought it was odd. I liked the title in red though.

Todd R.

Jan. 14, 2010

1:40 pm

I liked the use of color on cover #2, as after a long and gray winter, color is very welcoming. Cover #3 may work in summer, but not in March. Also the promience of the Boom / Bust headline and the Organize headline on cover #2 seemed most-relevant as the leads. And since it is the Real Estate issue, doesn't a lead story/headline about real estate make sense.


Jan. 14, 2010

1:28 pm

I love #3. There is magic and beauty in a child in rapt concentration... what cottaging is all about. The colours are rich and speak to summer. I like deck chairs as much as the next person, but this arrangement is not appealing. The moose is okay, but persoonally I don't care for stylized art... antlers are wrong. I also understand depth of field and what it accomplishing but I feel there is too much background out of focus for a small point of interest.

Jan. 14, 2010

1:17 pm

I prefer the Moose And Me. (Cover #1) It's a refreshing change. Kids & painted Muskoka chairs are running thin.....

Jan. 14, 2010

1:16 pm

The moose is great. We met at the last show. My question to you was the ratio between sand and kitty litter for a walking path. Any results.


Jan. 14, 2010

1:08 pm

Cover #1 was more intriguing. The moose, pictured with the title of the story, left me wondering about the author - does he produce all of his art on a 'moose' theme? Is there a real moose in his life? Also liked the other cover topics, esp the DIY.


Jan. 14, 2010

1:00 pm

I voted for #3 because that is what happens on our dock, some kid "fishing" with a butterfly net. Only there are usually 4 or 5 kids doing it.

Jan. 14, 2010

12:38 pm

Visually i was attracted to the moose cover but i liked the story associated with the child so i picked that one - next time, ensure all story lines are in all magazines that way i will vote soley on graphics.

Red Squirrel44

Jan. 14, 2010

12:14 pm

I voted for cover #2, but it was a tough choice as all three covers were appealing. I guess, for me, there's just something about muskoka chairs on the dock, with a rugged shoreline and the lake in the background! It just says "Cottage"!


Jan. 14, 2010

11:46 am

Kids on the dock are cute; seen one too many colourful Muskoka chairs; the moose is different.

Jan. 14, 2010

11:39 am

Voted for Cover 3, love kids and to me that is what cottages (and camping) are all about. The moose cover strikes me as too "high-end" and though I love muskoka chairs that is too easy for a cover.

Jan. 14, 2010

11:24 am

I am commenting on the last issue - the winter issue with a summer lake and canoe picture. It was an OK cover, but in Winter I look forward to the beauty of the winterseason - the snow covered trees and lake scenes, or cozy cottage and snowshoes etc on the covers. I have voted before, but missed the vote for the issue I'm commenting on. I love the magazine though so it's not a huge concern for me.

Jan. 14, 2010

11:06 am

My vote goes for #3. #1 says "let's talk about decorating", and IMHO that's for the city - cottage is not about how much you can decorate. #2 is Muskoka - and yes SOME cottages are there, but it isn't the centre of the universe. Besides who wants to sit behind someone blocking the view. #3 is about family (children imply parents, grand-parents, etc). Plus it's calm and relaxing, the pace slows down, and you can enjoy doing . . . nothing!!

Jane Vatcher

Jan. 14, 2010

11:00 am

Don't like any of them - they're all too summery. Why not a picture of a glorious spring day - leaves just sprouting; ducks nesting - endless possibilities.


Jan. 14, 2010

10:52 am

Voted for #1 because I love the moose!

Uncle Peeler

Jan. 14, 2010

10:46 am

I choose the moose. The silhouette stands out both from up close and afar, and it's being unusual piqued my curiosity. I prefer the broad vista in the background, to the closed-in feel of cover #3. Chairs are always nice but, we've seen plenty. Pictures of kids engaged in cottage activities normally stir in me a deep nostalgia but I think #3 was not close-up enough to give the pic enough character to which I could relate.


Jan. 14, 2010

10:33 am

I choose number 2 because it looks like the chairs are in a line to take off from the dock; very fitting for "boom or bust".


Jan. 14, 2010

9:53 am

The moose picture seemed more of a shadow than anything else...I'm a fan of moose, but this seemed forced. The chair picture seemed slightly washed out, and why are they one behind the other...does the back chair get a second class view? Might have worked with a rear view of the chairs occupied with morning coffee. The child on the dock reminds me of my own son playing on the dock in the early morning, and doesn't give me that 'pose for me' feel...still gives article teasers space but doesn't force.

Jan. 14, 2010

9:37 am

#3 gives me the best feeling. Less type and more emphasis on the positive 140 years story. Chairs are typical, moose is somewhat contrived. Yes we've seen kids on docks, but still this is what it's all about. #3 give the clearest view of a cottage feeling.

Frank Strong

Jan. 14, 2010

9:23 am

All three covers are great, but I went with the Moose because it was the one that caught my eye. I find if I go with my fist choice, I am usually spot on. The more I looked at the photo, the more I realized, hey this moose is not real and look how small it is. Shot against the lake background was great.


Jan. 14, 2010

9:05 am

I vote for the moose cover #1. I agree with the above comments that we have seen the chairs and kids on the dock so many time before. It is great seeing the kids having a great time at the cottage, but the moose is something many people never have the opportunity to see in the wild. Having the moose on the cover brings nature and the wild life of cottage country together with the cottager.


Jan. 14, 2010

8:55 am

All three covers were nice, but there was something about the “moose silhouette” with the red-lettered Cottage Life title that jumped out and left an impression on me – a feeling of spring in the air and the beginning of a new season at the cottage. The “little girl on the dock” cover with yellow title and green background is your typical “cottage” colour scheme and scene – leaving a pleasant and familiar feeling – but more summer than spring, I thought. The “muskoka chairs” cover I felt seemed too common, and a little washed out, “cold” and uninviting.

Jan. 14, 2010

8:34 am

I like #2 because it could have been a picture taken off of my dock. My view is quite similar.It makes me want to go to the lake now and relax in my chair.

Jan. 14, 2010

8:29 am

I had to vote for picture no. 2 because of the picture I have as the background picture on my computer. They are very similar in composition and what a joy to see every time I turn on the computer. Summer can't come quick enough.

Jan. 14, 2010

8:21 am

Picture number 3 could be me, 40 years ago, doing exactly the same thing at the cottage. Some of the best memories of summers at the cottage were doing absolutely nothing - now that was cottaging at it's best!

Jan. 14, 2010

8:18 am

I agree that the MOOSE is the winner. It's the cover that's going to jump out from the magazine rack and sell. Quirky - yes, and fun. Love it! The other two covers, we've seen a hundred times.


Jan. 14, 2010

8:07 am

Overall, I liked the rich green colours in cover #3, as it brightens my mood in winter. The other covers #1 and #2 had too much white and not enough colour for this time of year. Having said that, the moose is eye-catching.

Lynn Walter

Jan. 14, 2010

7:58 am

Cover # 3 brought back early memories of cottaging...the other 2 , although aesthetically pleasing looked more contrived...enjoy your mag as always !

Jan. 14, 2010

7:52 am

Please, enough pictures of kids on docks, kids jumping off docks or kids messing around on docks. I enjoy watching my kids play on our dock but I don't need to see it on the cover of the magazine. I do enjoy great shots of other lakes or cottages but what really matters to me is what's inside...keep the great content coming!

Jan. 14, 2010

7:34 am

I vote for the moose. It's artsy and interesting. The chairs are too much of a cliche for me and I agree with the previous comments that the kid looks bored.


Jan. 14, 2010

7:19 am

My eye was immediately drawn to the cover with the moose - clear & easy to read. The one with the chairs on the dock seems washed out to me, and I am always more interested in animals in a shot than people.

Jan. 14, 2010

7:04 am

Well all covers are good but we've all seen chairs on a dock [ we have some on our dock just like it and photos as well] and we have lots of photos of children on docks but a moose? Now that draws my attention....even more than a loon swimming by.

Jan. 14, 2010

6:47 am

There is nothing quite like children at the cottage! I vote for #3. Little girls and fishing nets reminds me of our own youngest daughter. The moose, I agree was kinda of creepy and the chairs well, for a cover page its a bit of the "same ole". Makes my heart sing when I can catch a picture of children at the cottage doing things that they just wouldn't do in the city...its a winner!

Jan. 14, 2010

2:31 am

Are there any other choices? The moose is a little 'creepy' looking. Reminds me of one of them 'chestbursters' from Alien movies. The chair shot is simply weak. And I'd be sad to see one of my kids looking that bored on our dock. Since the election's been called, it's probably too late to work with anything else. I'd happily submit alternatives on the basis of proper payment if used.

Jan. 14, 2010

1:24 am

I vote for Boom or Bust as the picture of the chairs and the lake shoreline and the colors are perfect and represent what I think of when I think of Cottage Life. The nice warm sun,the very bright and comfy looking chairs along with the wonderful lake shoreline is saying to me "Come on,sit down take in the view, enjoy and read all the interesting things we have to share with you in this wonderful issue". I can't wait to read it... Thanks The Moose sillouette is second..

Pat K

Jan. 14, 2010

1:17 am

Our lakefront cottage is all about having our girls and their families (and grandchildren) spend time with us -- this is what memories are made of.

Lauren Gillett

Jan. 13, 2010

10:13 pm

I vote for the first one with the moose. I like the way the antlers draw the eye up to the logo. Also, the red, white and black coverlines look fresh and modern. Lauren

Jan. 13, 2010

7:55 pm

I vote for cover #2. The Boom or Bust title caught my eye at the bottom of the page first and the cottage market is interesting to us. Also, the picture of the chairs is very appealing. The moose cover was a close runner-up! Thank you! Fran Levac

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