Cottage dog food capers

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

October 23rd, 2008


The best story to come out of the boys’ closing-up adventure last weekend was not about the bear who swam beside the boat on his way to our island. He was likely one of two or three bears that cottagers in our bay have glimpsed over the past two summers. “You stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours” is our tacit understanding, and so far that’s working for everyone.

No, the best story was about the exuberant (is there any other kind?) Labrador retriever who burst into the cottage in great excitement along with the rest of the happy canine crew that inevitably turns up on the men’s weekends.

Of course, where there are dogs there is dog food, and the big lab couldn’t resist sticking his nose in an open bag of kibble as he went by. But when he lifted his head, he found to his dismay that it was stuck in the bag. What ensued was a high-speed chase through the cottage: the dog, frantic, running around shaking his head in an effort to remove the bag, bashing blindly into furniture as Iams chunks fell down around him; the men, running behind trying to grab the dog; the rest of the dogs, not to be left out, vocally joining in the fun.

DH told me the story Monday night when he got home and I’m still laughing.


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Jun. 3, 2009

4:09 pm

Yikes, this story would have been very funny to me until this week. I came to this site because I'm researching dog asphyxiation due to bags. I found it's not at all an uncommon form of death. I came home the other day just a little late after work and found my dear dog dead in the kitchen with an empty 5 lb. bag of cat food completely over her head and up to her neck. She obviously pulled it down from the table and stuck her head all the way in to get the crumbs. I found a Humane Society account claiming dogs just can't/won't think to use their front legs to pull the damn bag off their heads. The site quoted one lady who brought her dog in to be cremated after dying the same way and she said the cremation man told her there were five previous dogs that month brought in for the very same thing--from small dogs getting a little snack bag stuck over their heads to big, strong dogs dying from huge chip bags--mine was a 70 pound pit bull. It leaves the owners feeling terribly guilty--if only I had put the bag behind a shut door, if only I had come home earlier, if only I had fed her more in the morning so she wouldn't have been that hungry, etc. My dog was already quite elderly and my only consolation might be that I won't have to have her put down as I was told I'd probably have to within a year or so, but I'm not consoled because she did not die the peaceful death this peaceful pit bull deserved.


Dec. 16, 2008

10:11 am

Dog food is very important


Nov. 10, 2008

7:52 am

Tess is on meds for epilepsy which makes her ravenous all the time, but the only things she will eat outside are woodland M & Ms (deer droppings for the uninitiated). She leaves the mushrooms well alone. Perhaps it's intuitive in dogs?


Nov. 3, 2008

7:20 pm

Yup, Gracie LOVES blueberries and eats them off the bush, but usually it seems only when I'm trying to pick them. We have tons of mushrooms around our place but she's shown no interest in them at all.

Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Oct. 31, 2008

8:50 am

Yesterday, in our weekly editorial meeting, someone posed the question: Would dogs chow down on wild mushrooms if they found mushrooms growing around the cottage? I can say for sure that our dog wouldn’t, unless the mushrooms were bathed in yummy gravy. He loves blueberries, though. I’m curious, do any of you have cottage dogs that eat wild fruit (berries, for example) or other vegetation right off the bush?


Oct. 30, 2008

10:55 am

We have a wonderful Chocolate lab - Sienna. A few weeks ago I noticed that we had quite a few chipmunks. They had not visited much during the summer so I wanted to make them feel welcome and put out many piles of peanuts around the cottage. Not much later, I was so glad to see that there was only shells left - that is until, I caught Sienna, merrily chomping down on their peanuts !!! Oh that dog - she will eat any thing, any where, any time.


Oct. 27, 2008

3:38 pm

Ah, gotta love dogs. Ours is a Golden/Yellow Lab mix. We call her a Labratrieverador. Actually, we call her human. She can be pretty silly at times too. Never a dull moment. I hate to hear tragic stories like Christina's. Makes me want to go hug my Gracie. I'm going to do that now.

Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Oct. 26, 2008

8:19 pm

That’s a sad story, Christina. Our dog food is usually put away in a cupboard at the cottage so as not to entice mice, but things are never quite as usual on the guys’ weekend. It’s strange how some dogs are hoovers (a friend of ours actually named their black Lab Hoover) while others will walk away from a bowl of uneaten dog food. The first golden retriever DH and I had would eat anything—including fish hooks that the local fishers baited with marshmallows (long story, but this happened twice in three years when the hooks became snagged and were left behind by the fishermen). Our second golden often has much more important things to do than clean his dish. He’ll leave food in his bowl for hours or even overnight—unless there are other dogs around, of course!


Oct. 25, 2008

12:26 am

Funny to see . . . but also dangerous for the dog. A friend told me about the tragic experience of a fellow student with whom we'd gone to university. His puppy found the pet food bag that he, in his morning rush, had neglected to dispose of after emptying it out. He arrived home from work to find his dog asphyxiated after it, lured by the lingering aroma of the food, had nosed the front of its body into the bag's opening which became stuck snugly around its neck/body - a scenario one couldn't have imagined. It's something I now take care of immediately so that my curious and always hungry cat doesn't get into the same trouble.


Oct. 24, 2008

1:43 pm

Oh my gosh, that would have been hilarious to see! We have two goldens ourselves, Gracie & Ted... And its enough watching their antics that keep us laughing or on our raccoon piles? But it's really crazy when the rest of the familys' dogs come to visit to bring the total to six dogs in a 960sq.ft. cottage! Yikes!

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