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By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

March 31st, 2008

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Too funny—I just found a little video shot by the folks at Envirolet while they were setting up at the Spring Cottage Life Show before the big event last weekend. They really love their toilets! Of course, this doesn’t look at all like their finished booth. It’s amazing to watch the show setup, as big, empty grey concrete halls are transformed into the beautiful collection of exhibits and features our visitors see. Then, just 20 or 30 minutes after the show closes on Sunday night, the halls again become an alien place of forklifts and trailers as we all tear down and pack up our booths. Around 8 p.m. the Cottage Life staff members stop for pizza and beer and many of us go home to bed. But our super show team keeps at it through Monday, helping all the exhibitors get their stuff out. They’ll be back in the office tomorrow. At noon, we’ll gather around Dawn Yager’s desk in the front lobby to share stories about the weekend and the traditional end-of-show takeout Thai lunch and beer, hosted by our show department. (Can you tell food is an important theme at Cottage Life? Oh, and beer, too.)

Do you have any good stories to share about your visit to the Spring Cottage Life Show this year?

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