Quiltsryche by Boo Davis

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

November 9th, 2010

Bangover quilt from Quiltsryche

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I’ve written about quilts before on the blog, and it seems that, like me, many of you have an affection for the colourful blankets and collect them at your cottage. Then you know that they aren’t just blankets, but rather a very personal expression of style, often telling a story while they are keeping you warm. Just ask Boo Davis of Quiltsryche, who uses her impressive quilting skills to express her lifelong love of all things heavy metal. The result is, as she puts it, “the intersection of cute and evil.” Each of these quilts is for sale (contact Boo for pricing), and she’ll also do up a custom job upon request. Definitely something that will shake up your decor a bit, don’t you think?





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Nov. 10, 2010

2:01 pm

Quiltsryche is an awesome name! Cool quilts at her site too.

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