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Chair Wars
By Douglas Hunter

We love our Muskoka chairs. But should we really be calling them Adirondacks? The secret history of cottage country’s favourite seat.

All Together Now

Three generations and multiple cottages on two islands: more than 50 years of making it all work, while staying happy (and sane).

The Race to Rent
By David Hayes

Renting out your cottage so you can afford to keep it? You’re not alone. But is the hassle and possible heartache worth it? Here’s what you need to know.

Five Plus
By Jane Rodmell

5 staples + 5 (or fewer) extras = yummy meals. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with so little in your cottage cupboard.

Just Add Water

Build your own outdoor shower with these exclusive plans by our project-design expert.

Cottage Life Boating 2009

Go with the Slow
By Douglas Hunter

Electric boats are greener and quieter, but are they good for the cottage?

Flotation Advice
By Conor Mihell

15 experts share their best tips for keeping your boat shipshape.


Saturday Project
By Catherine Doherty

Make a shadowbox

Job Jar
By Paul Lewis

Removing rings on furniture

DIY Weekend
By Lorraine Flanigan

Pruning basics

Stuff We Like

Deluxe vehicle liner

Go Green

Alternative decking

Hit List

Pruning tools

On the Waterfront

My favourite runabout; A hit CD of cottage stories; Assessments update; A lettuce lady; Don’t Ask Zim!; Reporter; Mysterious forest rings; Celebrating 20 years of the Cottage Life Photo Contest

Cottage Q&A

By Jackie Davis

How to plant walnut trees; getting better cellphone reception; secure concrete footings; car tires as dock bumpers; what does “life interest” mean?

Real Estate

By Sandra E. Martin

Can we afford a cottage? Our money experts reveal strategies for saving up and making it happen.

Nature Scrapbook

Rodent Romeos

When spring comes, woodchucks get ready for action.



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