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By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

July 27th, 2008


As experts in all things cottaging—from mosquitos to mojitos—the editors and writers of Cottage Life magazine spend a lot of time providing cottage tips and information to the editors and writers of other publications. Martin Zibauer (remember the solar oven?) and Jane Rodmell, our cottage cook, took time out recently to provide readers of the Vancouver Sun with cottage cooking tips.

Speaking of cooking, food will loom large on the agenda at our cottage this long weekend. It’s the biggie for summer entertaining and even if we don’t have guests at our place (I’m still not sure!), I’m hoping to corral the girls and have a family weekend together up north—maybe even enter a couple of events in our cottagers’ association Regatta.

If you have a gang coming and need some inspiration for meals, don’t forget about these fantastic cottage recipes from the pages of Cottage Life, the Cottage Life cookbooks (written by Jane Rodmell), the Cottage Life Recipe Contest, and Cottage Life’s television series, “Summer’s Best.”

What? You’re looking for a recipe and it’s not there? Send a message telling us which one to, as well as any other recipes or cottage food themes you’d like to see Jane and Martin develop for Cottage Life magazine and


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Jul. 28, 2008

9:00 am

For anyone looking for a particular recipe that they remember from some issue long ago, Cottage Life's Article Index is a handy tool. Here is the link:

Cottage Breaks

Jul. 28, 2008

7:04 am

I think traditional cooking in an old fashion cottage is a great idea! I enjoy some of the old countryside soups, bread dishes and biscuits!

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