Gifts for cottagers: Green Shag cufflinks (and some exciting news!)

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

October 27th, 2010


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I am one of those people who hates to even think about Christmas, let alone shop for it, until at least Halloween has passed. Especially since people seem to be hauling out the tinsel and the ivy earlier and earlier every year. Odd then, isn’t it, that I’m writing about a Christmas gift suggestion today, on October 27th! Shame on me, but lucky for you, because I do believe that these adorable cufflinks would make a great gift for a special cottager on your list. They are part of the Nice Canadian line of products from Toronto-based bespoke outfitter Green Shag. The images are inspired by what it means to be Canadian, and are sold for $80 a pair through the Green Shag website or in their Queen West store in Toronto. (Note: The moose/canoe links aren’t yet posted on their site so give them a call to order at 416.360.SHAG) They have a huge selection of images on offer, including depictions of curling, hockey, maple leafs and, my personal favourite given my guiltiest cottage gustatory pleasure, the no potato chips cufflinks:

no potato chipsQuite adorable, no? I only wish that I had seen these just a few weeks earlier, when I was hunting around for a wedding gift for my new husband, Rich. A passionate paddler (and potato chip eater) he would have loved either of these sets. And speaking of our wedding, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your kinds thoughts and wishes on our nuptials—I’m really feeling the virtual love! As promised, here’s a few shots from the big day:


Special thanks to our amazing photographer (who just so happens to be the art director at our sister publication, explore), Gary Davidson. He did a WONDERFUL job of capturing the relaxed and intimate vibe of the day.

And I suppose while I’m sharing my life news, I should also let you in on another secret, something that you may be able to tell from the photos above: I’m six months pregnant! That sort of explains why I was a particularly glowing bride… As you might expect, we’re just now in the midst of decorating our nursery and we think we’re going for a nature theme. I’ll definitely be posting some of my kiddie design finds here, especially since I anticipate that quite a few will be cottage suitable. (I’ll also be paying extra special attention to my fellow CL blogger Liann Bobechko’s awesome Cottage Kids blog; I need all the tips I can get!)

Stay tuned also for more Christmas gift ideas on the blog over the coming weeks, and definitely let me know if you have a good gift of your own to share.

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