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At Weeds B’ Gone we offer environmentally friendly aquatic weed and algae control.

There are several ways in which we accomplish this. WEEDSBGONE aquatic weed screening kits, (benthic  mat), our underwater aquatic weed cutters and through laminar flow aeration. Each one of these methods will take care of your problem depending on your situation and what you’re trying to accomplish whether it is a short term solution though cutting or a longer term solution through screening or continues laminar flow aeration. Any one of these methods can be done by yourself or Weedsbgone offers these services to install any of our products or cut your weeds for you.

Aquatic screening

Our screening is made out of Pvc and fiberglass, in the kit you will receive 3 pieces of screen 8 ft wide by 28 ft long and you over lap them  by 4 inches this will give you a coverage are of aprox 24 ft wide by 28 ft long covering aprox 670sq ft. This can be put down in the spring before the weeds come up or on top of existing weeds and suppress them to the bottom. We are essentially blocking sunlight from hitting the weeds and keeping them from growing. The screening is porous allowing the bottom of the lake to breath by letting the gases to escape through the screen so it does not bubble up to the top. In the kit you will receive everything you need to do it yourself except for the sand which you will require 4 bags of all purpose sand to fill the tubes to place in the pockets that are sew in  the screen every four ft. sand is aprox$5 dollars per bag at your local hardware store.

Aquatic Weed Cutter 33cc gas powered underwater weed cutter

This aquatic Weed Cutter is designed to trim your aquatic weeds so that you are able to swim in your waterfront or lay down an aquatic screen system for instant results. This cutter is able to cut as deep as 4 feet in order to create a pleasurable swimming area. It is light weight and easy to manage. This cutter can also be purchased with a mounting bracket for your boat. This allows for easy to use and manage weed cutting.

Continuous Laminar Flow Aeration

Aeration can dramatically improve the aesthetics of the water quality including the possibility of an algae bloom and weed growth also reducing phosphorous , nitrogen and muck levels By targeting the ‘root problem’ of the low level of dissolved oxygen due to stratification. A typical system consists of a land based cabinet for blowers which are connected to a power system. Compressor fitted Self-sinking air lines connect the land based cabinet along the bottom of the lake surface to the diffusers. Diffusers are connected to the air lines and deliver oxygen to the anoxic water trapped at the bottom of the lake.  As the oxygen is absorbed by the anoxic water it rises to the surface thereby creating a natural, vertical circulation pattern .Eventually the process causes large areas of the water pocket to become de-stratified, as the newly enriched water mixes with water of higher oxygen levels throughout the water column.  Lake bed aerators also reduce algae and weed growth and increase laminar (horizontal) flow. The artificial air system is safe to recreational and boating.

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