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Moose River Chamois Company

Moose River Chamois — It’s the World’s Most Absorbent Cloth

Moose River Chamois Company has been selling professional cleaning clothes in an entertaining way for almost 20 years. We always sell the very best synthetic chamois and micro fibre products in the world. We hope you’ll spend some time learning about our products and then try them in your own home.

Features and Benefits:

  • Washable in any load of laundry
  • Reusable for many years, so it’s environmentally friendly
  • Very absorbent for cleaning up virtually any liquid, spill or flood
  • Can be cut to any size without fraying or unravelling
  • Can be used with any cleaning product, including bleach
  • Great for drying pets, including dogs, cats and even horses
  • Also great for drying hand washed sweaters and delicate clothes that can’t be put in the dryer
  • It’s the world’s best dish cloth
  • Useful anywhere in the home, cottage, on the boat or in the workplace for any and all cleaning jobs
  • Can be used dry for dusting and polishing too!

Visit our website to learn more about our products.

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