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McBride Custom Cupolas

To enhance the beauty of your home, nothing is as effective as a cupola.

As well as being esthetically pleasing, a cupola can be used to improve ventilation, or by using glass panels and lighting can act as a beacon to welcome your home after dark.

At McBride Custom Cupolas, we pride ourselves on our commitment to uphold basic values such as care and attention to detail. As a result, we produce a cupola that only old world craftsmanship can equal. To customize your cupola even further, we can work directly from your drawings and appreciate any sketches or ideas you may have.

All cupolas are made from select Western Red Cedar and are designed to complement your home, boathouse or garage. Your cupola is available in a natural or stained finish. Stained cupolas have two coats of quality primer followed by finish coats of your choosing.

Rooves are covered with sheet copper and have a soldered copper cap. If you already have a weathervane or choose to add one later, installation is simple, as all cupolas are built to accept weathervanes or finials by utilizing the mounting block built into the roof structure. The base of your cupola is pre-cut to match the roof pitch, making installation quick and easy. Screen is used on all venting cupolas to keep out insects and birds.

Visit our website for more information and to see images of our cupolas.

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