1-35 Queen Street,

Bracebridge, ON

P1L 1H2

Phone: Toll free: 1-877-787-0639 or 705-645-4567

Fax: 661-420-9524


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Inclined Elevation Inc.

Inclined Elevation is an all-Canadian owner-operated company with production facilities in Bracebridge, lifts throughout Ontario and Quebec, and a reputation for excellence.

When you choose Inclined Elevation you will get

  • complete vertical freedom for you, your family, and friends to fully enjoy hillside cottage life

  • the ability to continue enjoying a property that may be too difficult to use otherwise

  • increased property value and saleability if you are selling

  • an ideally designed and located lift that will maximize your benefits, maximize safety, and minimize the environmental impact

  • an innovative company that is continually raising its’ standards for design and quality

  • local manufacturing to keep Ontario healthy and vital

  • the safest, highest-quality, lowest maintenance, most attractive, longest lasting, and most reliable inclined elevator available, we just don’t cut corners.

Our customers love their lifts:

  • “They delivered exactly what they promised, a perfectly positioned, neat, clean, robust track that exudes strength, safety features that set the mind at ease, and a smooth ride that inspires complete confidence.”

  • “I never cease to marvel at how the lift has improved my life at the cottage.”

  • “We had resigned ourselves to having lost our access to the lake. With the lift we have it back.”

  • “The installation process was as professional as it could be; in fact, it was more professional than we believed possible. Your attention to detail was outstanding and our property was treated with great respect. You far exceeded our expectations.”

  • The only mistake we made was not putting the lift in years ago.”

  • “I just love it! I have spent more time at the water this year because of the lift than in the past ten years.”

If getting up the hill is getting you down, call us for a lift.

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