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Hill Hiker Canada Inc.

Hill Hiker® lift systems help residential and commercial customers all over the world traverse the most hard-to-reach locations. If you own real estate on a steep hillside, waterfront property or require easier access to your home or place of business, the Hill Hiker® hillside elevator is right for you. You will enjoy the convenience, safety, value and reliability of the most attractively designed inclined elevator on the market today.

People refer to the Hill Hiker® inclined lift system in many ways. Some call it an inclined elevator, hillside elevator, hillside lift, tramway, cable car, people mover, chair lift, gondola and even a European funicular. Others think of it as a handicap lift or an accessibility system for the physically challenged. Outdoor enthusiasts might call it an outdoor lift, or an outdoor inclined elevator, while those with waterfront property might call it a lakeshore lift, high bank lift or waterfront elevator.

Whatever you want to call our Hill Hiker® lift, you can rest assured that when you invest in this state-of-the-art inclined elevator system, you’re buying the best technology available to provide effortless accessibility to your property

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