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Heat-Line® manufactures the most advanced water pipe freeze-protection systems available in the world. These self-regulating heaters increase their heat output with cold and decrease their heat output with warmth microscopically along the entire cable length.  This technology allows the pipes to be fully insulated and thermostats are not required as they will never overheat and melt a pipe.  Every system Heat-Line® has to offer is highly engineered for reliability, performance, energy efficiency and longevity.

Heat-Line® and Retro-Line® systems are freeze protection for your water supply pipes and are adaptable to all areas where natural frost protection cannot be achieved. Even pipes that are exposed to free air, such as over rocks or under buildings, can have reliable running water year round. No other product can match their performance or reliability. They are used in many different application including homes, cottages, resorts, trailers, and farms.

The Paladin® is a freeze protection system approved for both pipe and roof de-icing applications. When used for pipe heat tracing, Paladin will solve freezing problems with drain lines, sewage pipes, and small pipes running underneath a building or pipes within the building.  When used for roof de-icing Paladin will keep your gutters and downspouts clear of ice and roof edge and valleys clear.

Heat-Line® offers many different heating cable systems to solve all pipe freeze protection applications. To see the many innovative freeze protection systems that Heat-Line® offers please visit our website or contact us toll-free for further information.

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