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Hanflo / Hansen Products

Demand Safe Drinking Water – HANFLO

The Hanflo fitting is the only CSA approved ANSI NSF 61 approved fitting for polyethylene pipe connections, as well as high performance Foot and Check Valves. Hanflo offers safe, potable connections that have raised the bar in the water pipe industry. The fittings are designed for CSA grade 75-PSI and 100-PSI poly pipe.

The Hanflo fitting is a one-piece fitting comprised of a 2-barb tapered insert and a compression self-threading nut for a secure, leak-free, non-restrictive engagement. Hanflo products are constructed of fiber-reinforced nylon for both strength and durability and have been rigidly tested to surpass CSA standards and ANSI NSF 61, the highest potability standards in North America.

The Hanflo Foot Valve will enhance pump performance by maximizing flow due to its unique diaphragm operation. The Hanflo Check Valve is used in line as a non-return valve and due to its easy access capability it can be used to assist in pump priming.

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