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Haliburton Highlands (County of Haliburton)

Whether you’re hiking or cycling, on an ATV or horseback, springtime in Haliburton will envelop all your senses.

Winter’s monochromatic shades reluctantly give way to a spectrum of greens and gold as the flora and fauna awaken from their slumber. Spring is in the soft caress of the sun kissed, gentle breezes. The forests, hills and waterways all come alive in Spring. Welcome to Haliburton Highlands for your spring break getaway.

Passing the burbling brooks and streams, you hear Nature’s symphony arise with choruses of peepers, ducks, and songbirds celebrating the renewal of life.

Fragrances of pine, spruce, and oak are infused with the sweetness of maple scented steam billowing from a nearby sugar-shack… Mmmmm! You must experience Haliburton’s Spring Sensations!

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