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GutterFilter Canada Inc.

Gutter Filter will easily handle heavy flows of rainwater on steep roofs and valleys.

Gutter Filter Canada ImagesGutter Filter’s ultimate rain-handling capacity is rated at 10 times your normal rainfall. This extra capacity is essential for handling heavy water flow from roof valleys.

How it works:

When GutterFilter completely fills and seals the top of your eavestrough system, there’s no room left for leaves, seedpods, maple keys or pine needles short or long. Birds and wasps can’t nest and mosquitoes can’t breed in standing water.


Great for West Nile Prevention

GutterFilter installs so neatly into eavestrough / gutters, it’s invisible from ground level and no colour matching required with any roof type. It fits over or under the existing gutter brackets or spikes, to form a complete clean seal for your gutter protection system.

It will not collapse or become dislodged like plastic gutter guards or screens and it can’t be damaged by falling debris.

Visit our website for more information about Gutter Filter.

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