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EnviroScience Inc.

Natural, sustainable control for the invasive weed, Eurasian Watermilfoil

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EnviroScience Inc. is one of the largest ecological monitoring and lake management firms in the Midwest. Our innovative Milfoil Solution® utilizes the plant’s natural predator, an aquatic insect known as the milfoil weevil to control large scale Eurasian watermilfoil infestations. The weevil is native to Canada and the northern U.S. making it the most environmentally-friendly and safe control option available. Several lakes in Ontario have achieved well-publicized success with the milfoil weevil.

Call our expert biologists toll free at (800) 940-4025. Ask us to send a FREE Informational DVD and Reference List.


  • Long-term, sustainable control
  • Environmentally and ecologically safe
  • Supported by years of university research and currently used throughout Canada and Northern U.S.
  • No interference with recreation or other water body uses
  • Allows desirable plants important for a balanced lake habitat
  • Versatile; can be implemented in large and small water bodies
  • Promotes responsible stewardship, healthy eco-systems



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