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Composting Toilet

The Biolan Composting Toilet is a tidy and economical solution for toilet problems at the summer cottage. It does not need electricity or water and it can be installed also in an old outdoor toilet. The continuously functioning toilet produces mature compost quickly and also kitchen waste is suitable for it. The emptying interval is as long as one year in normal family use.

The thermally insulated 200-litre compost container ensures efficient composting. A comfortable, easily cleaned thermal seat. Due to efficient evaporation the amount of seep water is minimal. Efficient air conditioning keeps the indoor area odourless. Emptying of the mature compost through the bottom hatch is easy and clean. Closed environmentally friendly structure.

Greywater Treatment

Biolan has developed a bio-filter suitable for the treatment of grey wastewaters. The function of the filter is based on a changeable organic filter mass on the surfaces of which the microbes draw nutriment from the impurities of wastewater. The dirt particles in the wastewater fasten themselves efficiently to the biologically active surfaces of the organic filter mass offering optimal conditions for the decomposition of micro-organisms.

The installation of the Biolan Grey Water Filter is very easy, because the compact device is installed on the ground. It is most advantageous to install the filter under the building in which case the waste water can be conducted directly to the filter. The Biolan Grey Water Filter does not necessarily need separate septic tanks, but the wastewater can be conducted as such to the filter.

In case the property has existing septic tanks, they can be used. The pre- treatment of wastewater in a septic tank lengthens the interval of change of the filter mass. The purified water passed through the filter can be absorbed into the ground or it can be conducted to a ditch.

The Grey Water Filter is easy to maintain. The organic filter material is inside the device in cassette-like boxes. When changing the filter material, the boxes are drawn out on rails and the used filter mass is taken to the compost or to a field. The filter needs to be changed approximately every 100 days of use.

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