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Dock'Rite Boat Lifts Ltd.

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We’ve got the Rite way to Dock your boat. Visit our website to learn more about our Aluminum Docks, Boat Lifts, Vertical Boat Lifts, Cantilever Boat Lifts, and Floating Docks.

Our Flush Top Aluminum Docks are the solution if you want to enjoy every square inch of your dock. Don’t share your limited dock space with dock legs. Flush Top aluminum docks speaks for themselves! No protruding dock legs on decking or docks. No more worrying about stubbing toes. Attractive, lightweight, easy to install and remove, aluminum docks.

How to choose the “Rite” aluminum dock or boat lift

Remember to consider the water depth, water fluctuation, bottom base, dock width, dock length, dock configuration, as well as how you and your family plan to spend your time the most on your dock. The time spent on your dock may include a few lawn chairs, chaise loungers, or even a picnic table.

When choosing a boat lift, please take into consideration not only the boat and engine weight, but also the weight of the gas, water if available, as well as all boating gear that is left in the boat at all times. The beam width of the boat is also an integral part when choosing a boat lift. Examining the water depth and bottom base where you would like to position a boat lift is also an important factor when choosing a boat lift.

Our website has dozens of photos and plenty of advice and helpful tips. We look forward to helping you set the foundation for great summer memories for years to come.

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