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The Davey Tree Expert Company

Providing tree, shrub and lawn care since 1880.

Tree Pruning

High-quality, expert tree pruning has been the cornerstone of The Davey Tree Expert Company’s residential service line for over 120 years. Our pruning, provided by Davey trained experts, improves the health and appearance of trees, prolonging their useful life by removing undesirable branches, whether they are dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested. Davey Tree’s standards have become the industry standards.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack and drought. Davey’s patented Arbor Green® PRO deep-root fertilizer can help keep your trees and shrubs healthier, promoting the luxurious foliage that adds beauty and value to your property. Arbor Green® PRO is injected directly into the root zone area for maximum benefits. Its low salt index and slow-release action won’t burn delicate feeding roots, so nutrients can be applied more economically.

We also offer planting services, insect and disease management, and other services. Visit our website for more information.

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