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Colebrook Studio

Colebrook Barnboard Paintings are a new and unique Canadian art form and have become an exciting work of art to grace a fireplace or recreation room. Certainly these works of art have become a popular request.

With knife and brush, Colebrook paints a scene making use of the natural knots or the grain of the wood to depict a tree stump, or a log or rock in the water. A large knot may suddenly become a rock formation on an island in a typical serene Ontario lake.

This use of the knots and grain gives a truly three dimensional look to the paintings.

All Barnboards are original paintings by R. Colebrook Keirstead and are available by custom order.

Robert Colebrook Keirstead is a member of the famous Keirstead family of artists. He signs his paintings “Colebrook” and his home and spectacular gallery are called Colebrook Studio.

From a very early age he worked in the bush gathering sap in the spring and skiding pulp wood with a horse in the winter, all the while studying and learning about the wildlife that surrounded him.

After several years in engineering drafting, Colebrook at the age of 35, left his job to become a full-time professional artist. Through several art galleries and many shows he quickly rose through the ranks of popular Canadian Wildlife and Landscape artists.

Colebrook’s crowning achievement was winning the coveted title of Canadian Artist of the year for Ducks Unlimited in 1991.

We invite you to visit our website to see paintings and for more information.

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