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Clementi Canada Inc.

The Clementi Company was founded in 1975, as a result of their true love for old- fashioned tastes, a constant passion that has led the Clementi team to focus all their attention on customers and their needs. The continuous activity of research and development, carried out in the company laboratory, has made the manufacturing of high quality, high performance and high comfort products possible. In fact, cooking with a Clementi oven means, tasting and enjoying the genuine fragrances typical of firewood-cooked food.

Genuine Cooking

Because a Clementi oven keeps all the nutritional properties of food unchanged, you are able to cook in a very genuine way, tasting, and enjoying the sweet tastes of the old days.

Joyful Living

You are able to share joyful moments with loved ones, thanks to the comfort given by an oven directly installed in your home.

More Free Time

You can enjoy much more free time with a Clementi oven, thanks to its very quick firing time and cleaning operations.

Wholesome Eating

Thanks to dry and natural cooking, you can keep yourself in good shape.

Clean Environment

You can help respect the environment and keep it clean, thanks to a very low CO 13% O2 emission (Values certified by IMQ prima- control are 0,17 min/0,32 max).

Money Saving

Very low firewood consumption means that you can save money when cooking with a Clementi oven.

Furnishing Your Home

You can furnish your house with style, thanks to the Clementi ovens wide range of finishings and colors.

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