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Canadian Log Homes Ltd.

Our unique HAND HEWN LOG SIDING program allows you to renovate your current home or cottage… or build a traditional new home and still create an authentic appearance and warmth of a Real Log Home… without the associated costs.

Feature One: All Log Siding has a natural Hand Hewn Finished Appearance

Benefit: Finished construction looks like a Real Log Home

Feature Two: Insulation is applied to studded walls

Benefit: This creates the advantage of an R-2000 Home that a Real Log Home cannot provide

Feature Three: Our log siding has an innovative Tongue & Groove (T&G) side and end match design

Benefit: Installation is quick, easy and efficient for the Do-It-Yourself Handyman or contractor and there is no face nailing

Feature Four: The Log Siding is engineered and has a T&G end matched design so there is no need to deal with butt joints meeting on a stud. It is a continuous assembly that needs no measuring, until the last piece in the row.

Benefit: The results are a 15% to 20% savings on the cost of labour and up to 20% less material waste

Feature Five: All of our log siding products are kiln dried from 10% to 12% to provide a guaranteed sure fit the first time, every time

Benefit: There are not the problems and headaches of checking, cracking or settling of logs that happens in a Real Log Home.

Feature Six: We carry a complete line of Natural Wood Siding, Paneling and Accessories to transform any home into a Log Home on the inside and outside

Benefit: We can provide everything that is needed to build a Dream Log Home or Cottage or just a Log Room on the inside; a little at a time or all at once…the choice is yours.

For many people ownership of a log home is a culmination of a life long dream. Canadian log homes can make those dreams a reality.

Visit our website to get more information and to see our gallery of photos.

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