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Brian Lee Architect

A special architectural process taps into your dreams and emotions to create your ideal environment. To design and build your ideal cottage or country home, you have to tap into your dreams, and use your heart, not just your mind.

We strive to create environments that make people happy, and to touch them deeply on a visceral level. Our goal is to build cottages that reflect our client’s values, and express the true purpose of their lives and work.

Designing a country home or cottage is a personal and creative process that is an experience in itself. Our team has shared values and a common vision during the creation of a project, and in the architectural process of getting projects built. The Ideal Environment helps clients make much better decisions because they are based on a strong strategic plan that is constantly reviewed.

Please visit our website for more information, or please call 416-363-7199 to meet with us for a complementary consultation.

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