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Tiger Foam

More and more cottagers are winterizing their three-season retreats, and Tiger Foam Insulation Kits makes it easy to do it yourself! If you can use a paint spray can, you can use Tiger Foam. Tiger Foam Insulation Kits come complete with gun and hose assembly, extra nozzle tips, and require no outside power source or additional machinery to apply.

Tiger Foam Surface Spray Formulas use only the safest ingredients available. Our foam contains no CFCs, VOCs or Formaldehyde. Tiger Foam is pleased to provide two spray formulas: Fast Rise and Slow Rise

Fast Rise formula gives you BIG savings on heating and cooling costs and add comfort:

  • Additions or new build, whole house construction
  • Metal Buildings of any size – seals, insulated and adds structural stability.
  • Basements and crawlspaces – it’s permanent! It doesn’t fall off after a few years like batts can and it’s practically waterproof and is the smart, permanent choice for waterprone areas like cottage shorelines.
  • Under cottages – no more cold floors!
  • Block walls – spraying the surface actually creates a better thermal break than filling cores.
  • Fill existing wall cavities with our slow rise cavity fill formula
  • HVAC ductwork
  • Under floors – seals against moisture and temperature
  • Soundproofing between rooms or floors
  • Garage ceilings when there is a hot or cold room above the garage
  • Apply to mobile homes/trailers for sound proofing
  • Hundreds of uses…

Slow Rise Low-Pressure Cavity Fill Formula is commonly used for existing cavities, wether in a existing cavity wall, exterior and or interior. The SR is applied by drilling a 1” hole into the existing wall and sprayed in. With its delayed reaction, it fills the cavity without damaging the existing walls – great for lath and plaster.

It even works for your boat!

Slow Rise is marine rated based on its water resistance, high density, and ability to provide structural integrity. It is commonly used for marine applications, such as floating docks, pontoon boats, seat floatation rehab work, soundproofing, along with noise and vibration control. One cubic foot of foam floats 60lbs of weight.

Use our dealer network and pick up Tiger Foam Surface Spray Formula today!

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