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Pre-heat or cool your cottage or home by telephone.

The Enertel ET-2 reduces the energy cost by allowing you to lower the heat at your cottage while you are away and waits for telephone call to warm it up conveniently before you arrive.

Please see our website for other activation control models and options including Lo Temp Alert for advance warning by phone, in the event of a heating failure.

Patented Method & System

The ET-2 in installed in the cottage to listen for the rings of the telephone and to give power to the heating elements when activated. The ET-2 does not answer the telephone and it is not connected to the telephone line, so there will never be any long distance charges incurred by activating the unit.

This system features easy installation, and only one ET-2 is needed per cottage to control one or more baseboard and all the other heating systems.

Special Features

  • Patented activation method and system
  • 4 or 8 hours activation period
  • Absence and presence switch on the unit
  • No long distance charges
  • Easy installation
  • Access from any telephone
  • High current rating output relay
  • Adaptable with all party and private telephone lines
  • Solid and compact unit attractive natural colour
  • Internally Heated to operate at sub-zero temperatures

The original Enertel Controls – designed and manufactured in Canada for over 14 years!”

Visit our website for more information and to view our packages.

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