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Rintoul's Hand Pumps

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We carry hand operated water pumps for the home, cottage, cabin, camp, farm, boat, commercial ship, and industry.

Some of our best products for the cottage, cabin, or camp include:

The Guzzler

This hand operated diaphragm pump does a great job of priming jet pumps, bailing out boats, canoes or kayaks or transferring water from one place to another. The practical suction lift is 4 m (13′) and the practical discharge height is 4 m (13′). It also makes an excellent emergency back up to an electric sump pump. (The pumping effort increases at greater heights).

The Waterline Anchor Bracket

This is a very simple but effective device for securing a waterline (or foot valve) in a lake or river.

The Dock-A-Vator 750

A safe and easy way to adjust the height and level of a boat dock.

Visit our website for detailed descriptions, photos and our price list.

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