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Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters

Protecting and enhancing Ontario’s natural resources

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with 83,000 members and 655 member clubs. Protecting and enhancing Ontario’s natural resources has always been the primary mandate of the O.F.A.H.

In recent decades there has been growing awareness of the threat that alien invasive species pose to our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. These species arrive in Canada by means of ballast water from foreign freighters, the aquarium and horticultural trades, the live food fish trade and unauthorized fish introductions/transfers and then can be spread to new areas by recreational activities, such as boating and angling or the release of live bait. There are over 185 non-indigenous species established in the Great Lakes basin. Purple loosestrife, Sea lamprey, Zebra mussels, Spiny water flea, and Round goby are among the species threatening our fish and wildlife habitats and ecosystems. These species are aggressive, adaptable, have high reproductive rates and can spread unchecked because of the lack of natural controls and predators for them in our ecosystems.

The O.F.A.H. in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources created the Invading Species Awareness Program in 1992 to address the threat of Invasive species.

This program is unique to Ontario and actively promotes the following:

* Raising public awareness of invasive species and encourage public participation in preventing their spread.

* Monitoring and tracking the spread of invading species in Ontario through citizen reports to the Invading Species Hotline and the Invading Species Watch program.

* Conducting research on the impacts and control of invasive species.

Our ability to effectively track, monitor and control invading species rely directly on public participation and volunteer efforts. For more information on Invasive Species, to learn more about our program and how you can get involved, to order educational materials, or to report an Invasive Species sighting: Please visit our website or call the toll-free Invading Species hotline at 1-800-563-7711

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