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Ontario Drive & Gear / ARGO

Sharing a common experience with friends and family is what recreational properties are all about; so are long weekends spent in good company. Why should the same not apply to your off-road vehicle? The ARGO puts a new spin on family fun – at your favourite getaway or at home: It’s an amphibious, multi-passenger off-road vehicle that can carry a family of four – and their pets – with room to spare.

The ARGO makes traveling through mud, rugged terrain and deep snow a breeze; making year round cottage visits a reality. As an all season vehicle, the ARGO combines many capabilities of 4×4 ATVs, snowmobiles and boats.

The ARGO combines comfort and ruggedness with innovative and unique features that make it an ideal partner for outfitters, resorts, lodges or backcountry tour operators. Imagine an off-road vehicle that can be used for ice fishing, wilderness exploration, property maintenance, ecotourism, and snow clearing – or act as a customer shuttle to and from remote fishing holes and everything in between.

Imagine the possibilities: Family picnics in beautiful remote locations, fun rides with the kids around the cottage, fishing excursions that are picture-perfect every time, winter adventures with the whole family… The ARGO is the perfect vehicle for family fun!

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