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Northstar Marine Insurance Inc.

Insurance is about more than just Price, Deductibles, and Liability limits; it’s about protecting your lifestyle. This is especially true when we’re talking about boating because you’ve worked hard for your life on the water. Something you need to know about marine insurance… not all marine insurance policies are the same and it really is about coverage and service. When it comes to boat insurance, Northstar Marine Insurance offers the specialized coverage you need as a boat owner and the service you want to make sure your boating season is enjoyable.

A Northstar Marine Insurance Policy includes Agreed Value Coverage (no depreciation) on all watercraft less than 15 years of age (3 years for PWC). If a racoon finds its way into your boat, the damage is covered – a Northstar Marine Insurance policy includes Animal Damage coverage. Watersports Liability is included. If someone is injured in a waterskiing accident and sues, a Northstar Marine Insurance policy will cover it. If your boat sinks, a Northstar Marine Insurance policy will cover the wreck removal and accidental pollution liability.

Emergency Towing Coverage is included! If you need Emergency Assistance on the water, a Northstar Marine Insurance Policy has the coverage to help. Run out of fuel or need a Battery Boost? Engine dies and need a tow back to shore? Your Northstar Marine Insurance Policy has you covered – no deductible and no claim on your record! Simply call the closest marina or dealer and send us the bill.

Boat insurance, it’s what we do!  Call us today and we can explain why a Northstar Policy is better, why the staff at Northstar can better service you, and how easy and hassle free it is to work with us. Maybe we can even save you a little money along the way!

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