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“That little bit of faith I guess he had in me, or stubborn pride—foolishness

maybe—worked out for us. Dad is the ultimate entrepreneur, he knows when to take the leap.” ~Shawn Levangie, President, Trail Blazer Products

Like many stories told about successful businesses, this one starts with an idea. But the idea is really just the beginning. The real story, as it turns out, can be found in a set of values that have been handed down from father to son. These values have formed the backbone of the company and supported its success. You might be familiar with some of these snippets of wisdom. Most are tried and true. The difference, in this story, is that hey’re not just words to live by, they’re best practices.

This is the story of Trail Blazer Products. A company that grew from a one-man, one-product operation into an international success story with over 100 products distributed in over 40 countries. But it’s also the story of a father and son who worked together, against all odds, to build a company they are both proud of. A company that puts people first, and no matter how big they get, will always place a priority on listening to their customers.

Read the full story here http://trailblazerproducts.com/story_book/en/1.html

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