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NexPump.ca Ltd.

The NexPump is the ONLY sump pump built with Artificial intelligence* and is considered the most important innovation in sump pump technology!

A combination of:

  • High Efficiency Pumps
  • Battery Backup
  • Built-In Redundancy
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Automatic Notification of any failure in its diagnostics as well as during real-time system monitoring

The system calls a toll free number, contacting a server containing customer information. The server then sends a notification email to two email addresses and makes notification calls to up to two phone numbers. There is room for a contractor email as well. The controller produces an audible alarm and the built-in LCD screen displays system status and error codes.

*Why we say Artificial intelligence (Ai):

Here’s the Definition of artificial intelligence: (Major AI textbooks define artificial intelligence as “the study and design of intelligent agents,” where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions which maximize its chances of success.)

The NexPump Ai does exactly that. It will perceive the environment and make decisions with advanced logic to maximize the chances of success. This technology is ONLY available on the NexPump with its 18 patent pending claims submitted by the President of NexPump, Inc.

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