New life for old sofas

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

August 4th, 2010


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Today I’ll be putting the finishing touches on a fantastic story for our upcoming October issue, about a century-old farmhouse turned cottage. The owner, Viki Mansell, owns two antique shops in Toronto (Absolutely and Absolutely North), so you can imagine that the place is filled with some pretty incredible stuff. She has an amazing eye; I think our readers will really enjoy the piece.

During the course of our interviews with Viki, she shared a great tip with me. She has very simple sofas in her living room at the lake, which she slipcovers in plain white, the same shade as the sofa itself. That way, if she takes off the slipcovers to wash them, she doesn’t have to rush with getting them back on and the room retains the same look. It’s pretty smart: Many times my departure from the lake (got to beat the traffic!) has been delayed by the wait for bedsheets to dry so that they are in place for next weekend’s late-night arrivals.

Of course, the other wonderful thing about slipcovers is that they give you a way to change the look of a room without making a huge investment (aka, buying a new couch) or help you extend the life of a piece of furniture that has outlived it’s usefulness at home. I’ve used a SureFit slipcover before, but wasn’t particularly impressed by the somewhat stodgy selection of patterns and textures. If only I had known of Bemz when I was trying to stretch the life of my old Karlanda. Bemz offers a whole line of slipcovers cut to fit most Ikea furniture, even those models that are out of production. Their patterns are adorable and even include a line of fabric from Finnish designers Marimekko, one of my personal favourites. For more information on their 160+ patterns and colours, visit their website.

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