School's out, summer is here!

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

July 6th, 2010


Welcome to Cottage Life’s new blog for kids and families! We’re hoping that you’ll visit often and let us know about your family adventures at the lake.

With the first official summer long weekend (and what a glorious one!) under our belts, I hope you’ve had your enthusiasm kindled for the months ahead.

Have a look around the blog – you can read about me, about the blog, and check out some of the links I find interesting. Let me know if you have favourite sites that you think others will find fun or helpful.

I’m looking forward to sharing stories and photos, and trading ideas for keeping everyone entertained on sunny days and rainy days alike. Here’s to the long summer stretched out before us!


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Sep. 14, 2010

3:55 pm

The weather sure is making it feel like fall! I love the questions you're getting. I hope you're having fun exploring the answers with them. As for what to look for, this is a great time of year to look for migrating birds heading south. Turkey vultures and hawks are big, so easier to spot, and also hopping aboard the rising thermals in long, lazy circles on clear days. With all the falling maple keys and birch seeds, the forest floor is abuzz with busy chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and a whole host of birds, such as chickadees, ruffed grouse and goldfinches. Let us know what you see when you're out and about!

Michelle Bobechko

Sep. 14, 2010

12:38 pm

School is back in and summer is almost out....but I'm not sure if I miss it!! The Fall season is one of my favorites and there's lots of opportunities to teach the kids about all the changes. The landscape, autumn smells, change in weather patterns and shorter days! On our way to school in the early mornings my 7 yr old and almost 5 yr old are asking me all sorts of questions: What is that wet stuff on the ground mom, did it rain? Why is it so cold in the morning and warm later at recess? Can we eat the apples in the backyard yet? Look at the new flowers growing and all the dead ones! (oops) When is it going to snow? One of these weekends we'll take another walk through the Conservation near us and look for all the changes! Any suggestions on what we should keep an eye open for?

Jul. 8, 2010

11:52 am

As the kids are off at camp. I shall comment for them. Well done. We have been looking for a way to keep their minds outside of Toronto during all seasons, and this little reminder will keep memories fresh, and anticipation for the cottage alive and growing. Thanks.


Jul. 8, 2010

10:28 am

Thanks for the kind words, and what great stories! Kids have the neatest perspective on things. Of course anything poop-related is hilarious. And, David, I love that last swim before leaving, especially when it's spontaneous and full of mischief!


Jul. 8, 2010

10:11 am

What fan­tas­tic mem­o­ries are made at the cot­tage! Hav­ing col­lected all of the well used masks, fins, nets, rods, pad­dles, wind­surfers, etc., etc. from our friends’ cot­tage dock this past week-​​end, ready to make that last, long walk back to the cot­tage for final pack up and depar­ture, my daugh­ter turned to me with a dev­il­ish look in her eyes. “C’mon, Daddy, please!!!” was all she said. She grabbed my hand and we both leapt off the end of the dock into the water, smil­ing from ear to ear. As we resur­faced, press­ing our bod­ies up and out of the water and back onto the dock, we dripped our way out of that won­der­ful week-​​end. But I know I will be back to enjoy this mem­ory many times before I take that final pad­dle out into the mist.


Jul. 7, 2010

3:40 pm

What a great idea! Thank you to Cottage Life, and more particularly Liann, for creating a place where families can share and learn together! My boys especially liked the entry on bugs and we will be looking for a SkyScout to take with us on all future camping trips! Keep up the good work!


Jul. 7, 2010

3:37 pm

A few years back I took the lads (then ages 3 and 5) on a nature walk. We saw a bunch of bugs, squirrels, chipmunks and a pileated woodpecker which I thought was pretty neat. Along the way, I casually mentioned "don't step on the poop". Well, when we returned to my mother-in-law's cottage the first thing the kids told Nana when asked what they saw on their walk, but dog poop. It was the highlight of their trip. Sigh.

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