By Ray Ford

Try encasing your cutlery to keep mice away


Photo by Liann Bobechko

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But somehow, the mice at the Keevil family cottage, near Huntsville, still soiled the cutlery regularly. “Every time we arrived, there’d be mouse poop all over the cutlery drawer,” says third-generation

cottager and Cottage Life associate editor Liann Bobechko. The family fought back by washing the cutlery and drawer on every visit. Then, to reduce labour, they tried leaving the cutlery on the counter, under an overturned roasting pan, but that took up valuable space. There had to be a better way, but what?

Inspiration came in the fishing aisle of the local Canadian Tire, when Bobechko spotted the kind of tray anglers fill with lures and toss into a tackle box. Strong enough to deter rodents and small enough to fit in a drawer, the clear plastic box has a secure lid and holds about 20 place settings. The compartments can be adjusted to fit various utensils, and the family can cart the box out for picnics or dinner on the porch. Most important, now that Mickey and company are on the outside looking in, the cutlery and drawer stay clean. “I think they’ve actually lost interest in the drawer,” Bobechko says. Either that or they’ve finally learned some manners

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Jan. 14, 2015

11:34 pm

Great idea. I think this accessory prevents dirty utensils from soiling the table, plates and/or clothing. It also helps avoid cross-contamination between the utensils and the table. The unit makes it easier for a server to know if patrons are finished eating. Furthermore, it is easy to use. Check out more at

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