Two-piece drink cooler

By Ray Ford

How to keep your beverage cool and your lip unscathed in the sauna

Drink cooler

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Bob Bourke likes his saunas hot and his beer cold—no easy feat given the limited bottle coverage provided by the standard insulated beverage holder. WhenThe Lip Saver you’re sweating in the steam bath, he says, “it can be a bit of a shock to put your lips on the top of a hot bottle.”

So the sauna enthusiast invented the Lip Saver, a two-piece drink cooler. Using four medium or large foam coffee cups, he cuts the bottoms off two of them to fit the neck of the bottle, and stacks all four to cover the bottle and fit neatly on top of the conventional insulator. (Larger bottles may require more cups.) When it’s time for a sip, Bourke removes and then replaces the top part of the Lip Saver. No more hot-bottle shock.

As Bourke points out, the Lip Saver isn’t just for saunas. (Good thing too: The combination of booze and heat can produce a potentially dangerous drop in blood pressure, so take it easy.) Bourke’s invention is also handy for sunny days on the dock. “It’s simple, but it works,” he says. “May the beer that passes your lips always be chilled. Cheers!”

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