Lifejacket hanger

By Liann Bobechko

How to keep your lifejackets and wetsuits dry


Photo by Kate Schneider

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At the Fallis family’s Lake Muskoka cottage, days of wakeboarding and waterskiing used to end with soaking-wet lifejackets and wetsuits overflowing their small dock house – until father-daughter duo Peter and Kelly got their life-saving flotsam out from underfoot. All it took was some creativity, a trip to the hardware store and, of course, says Peter, “a couple of hours and a few beers.”

The pair devised a system of lines and pulleys that allows them to lower a piece of dowelling for hanging up all their drippy gear andthen, with a simple pull, to raise the rod out of the way.

Now the lifejackets and wetsuits drip onto the decking below, avoiding mildew by drying out between uses. “We have lots of people of different ages and heights using our lifejackets, and we wanted everyone to have access,” Kelly explains. “If the kids want to go for a swim, they can get their own lifejackets down.” And, after 14 years of frequent weekend use, it’s a rack that holds up well.

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Liann Bobechko