Curtain-rod tool holder

By Ray Ford

An easy-to-make gadget for keeping the toolshed organized

Curtain rod tool hanger

Photo by Richard Esdale

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Tired of a 1.2-metre chunk of curtain rod cluttering the shed at his Crowe River cottage near Marmora, Ont., Richard Esdale thought he’d “bang it up on the rafters and get it out of the way.”

“I thought I could hang something on it,” he says, “I just wasn’t sure what.” Nonetheless, he fastened the “I-beam”-style rod to the trusses with three L-shaped aluminum brackets.

After he had cleaned a paintbrush, Esdale recognized the rod’s tool-rack potential. Fashioning a hook from an old coat hanger, he hung the brush from the curtain-rod rollers to dry, and a new tool storage system was born. More brushes followed, then box-end and adjustable wrenches, saws, almost anything that would hang on a hook. “I didn’t realize how useful it was going to be,” says Esdale, who’s now looking for more rollers to go on the rod. “It saves space, and it’s easy to find the right tool.”

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