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Solar energy is easy to collect, but the conversion to electrical is not so efficient. We have to maximize every part of the lamp to give you maximum performance. We start with oversized solar collection panels made with the highest quality solar cells. We then harness that energy with our custom designed electronics, converting the sun’s rays into electricity that will charge the large capacity battery. Finally, we use premium super bright LED’s to give maximum light. The result is the brightest solar lights available to consumers.

Our solar lamps are designed for northern climates. Rugged cast aluminum bodies do not rust. Rated to work as low as -25C and as high as +40C, our lamps function for their full 5 hour cycle as long as there is 6 hours of sunlight per day. In the dead of winter, when there are only 2.5 hours of average daily sunshine, our lamps will still work for more than an hour, usually more. Our lamps can stay outside year round, however it is recommended to bring the solar lamps indoors if the temperature will fall below -25C in the coldest winter months. The problem with cold weather is the battery. Batteries and cold weather are not happy together as we all know. We never seem to have car battery troubles in spring to fall, only when the cold of winter has arrived!

Please note: if the solar collection panel is covered in frost or snow, charging performance will be degraded or even stopped.

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