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Franklin Tint

Consider window films as an alternative to drapery or blinds – click here for more info.

Franklin Tint offers a complete selection of 3M window films. They get categorized into solar, security, and privacy films.

3M solar protection films come in a wide variety that vary in density, colour, and heat rejections. There are even a few films that help to retain heat in the wintertime. This variety in properties ensures that there’s a film to accurately meet your needs. These films save energy by improving heating and AC efficiency. They also help to balance temperatures in your house. Your valuable assets are also protected as the sun’s harmful UV rays are reduced by 99%. Privacy in the daytime is also achieved with these films.

3M Night Vision films eliminate the undesirable nighttime reflection to the inside that all other window films have.

3M safety/security films strengthen the glass which is commonly the weakest link in any security system. They offer a defense against break-ins, glass shattering, and even protection from flying glass in natural disasters.

For a different look, try 3M Scotchcal window films. They simulate acid-edtched and sand-blasted glass surfaces, as well as other textures and appearances when privacy or an enhanced image is needed.

Window films are cost-effective, maintenance-free (unlike blinds or drapes), vary in reflectivity (from low to high reflectivity), and range in colour (from neutral to silver).

Franklin Tint serves Oshawa, Whitby, Muskoka, Pickering, Belleville, Peterborough, Barrie, Owen Sound, Huntsville, Orangeville, the Kawarthas, Haliburton, and Land-o-Lakes areas.

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