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Federal Publications Inc.

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Federal Publications has thousands of interesting maps, charts and books for cottagers and boaters.

Whether you want a topographic map showing your cottage, need a nautical chart to get around your lake safely, or seek a book describing the recreational activities in your region, we have what you are looking for.

Federal Publications Inc. is the largest retailers of Canadian topographic maps (also known as topo maps) and nautical charts, both on paper and on CD-ROM. We also carry wall maps, road maps and atlases to suit your recreational or business needs.

  • Topographic maps are detailed maps showing all land features, both natural and man-made
  • OBM topo maps are the most detailed available for Cottage Country (1:10,000)
  • Nautical charts showing detail of the water for boaters
  • Road maps, street maps, recreation and adventure maps
  • Political maps showing country and political boundaries
  • Physical maps, including relief maps, show features of the land
  • Aeronautical charts for pilots
  • Customized topographic maps to cover the exact area you want

As distributors of thousands of different titles from the Canadian government, Statistics Canada, the OECD and various commercial publishers, Federal Publications is your best source for information about Canada. From legal books to how-to resources, we carry the factual, the fascinating, and the most useful publications in the country.

Whether you visit our store in person, or shop online, just ask us to help you find what you are looking for.

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