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Evergreen Power Ltd.

Ontario residents have an exciting opportunity for investment in renewable energy production.  Evergreen Power Ltd designs and installs Solar Photovoltaic Systems, enabling owners to produce electricity for sale through the Ontario Power Authority’s Micro-FIT program.  The Micro-FIT program provides sustainability- providing a return on the owner’s investment, reducing the need for coal-fired power, and supplying prime-time electricity at source. The solar electricity from your system is sent directly into the power grid, providing renewable energy for you and your neighbours.  Positive cash flow is generated from your income stream in the first year of operation, with a simple payback period of less than 9 years.

Evergreen Power installs systems for clients already holding a Micro-FIT contract, or they will complete the application online on your behalf.  One Micro-FIT contract is available per property, so if you have more than one property with a utility meter, you are eligible for more than one contract.  As a licensed electrical contracting company, Evergreen Power will handle all paperwork required to complete the connection through the local utility company and the Electrical Safety Authority.

Evergreen Power provides complete warranty and technical support, with 66% Ontario content.  “Our PV modules are premium quality, manufactured in Ontario, and backed by a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty” stated Tim Burke.

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