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Cottage Water Supply Inc.

Self-draining water systems, pumps, filters and UV sterilizers – click here for details.

Cottage Water Supply Inc. has the system you need to keep your cottage water running all winter long.

Our water systems use specially-designed valves to automatically drain your supply line whenever your pump stops, keeping your supply line from freezing.

Our patented self-draining system can be used in lake, river, or deep well applications.

Advantages of Our System

  • Self-draining with specially-designed valves to quickly drain water from the supply line.
  • Ideal for solar or generator use because electrical power is not required 24 hours a day.
  • Converts to non-self-draining for summer use in minutes by closing one valve.
  • Lines do not have to be buried.
  • Water does not drain back through the pump.
  • No time wasted for seasonal draining or priming. The self-draining system is therefore a good choice even for people who use the cottage only in the summer.
  • A submersible pump system will provide you with much higher water pressure.
  • Anyone who is handy can install.
  • The most energy efficient system.

Contact us for more information about this quality water system designed with cottagers in mind.

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