Opening up the cottage, again

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

May 5th, 2008


Need help opening the cottage?

I’m thinking of hiring out my DH. It seems to be his passion.

Being at the cottage, that is. The opening-up job that used to take a day (up and back) with his mother, now takes five days with “the boys.” A quick trip up this weekend to help a neighbour turned into a full-on opening at our cottage, too. DH was only going to take off the shutters so he could see, but “there was no point living there with the place half open.” Of course there wasn’t.

Does that mean the traditional “boys opening weekend” will be cancelled? Uh, no. He’ll be going up for five days, as usual – or, do I hear six?


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Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

May. 15, 2008

8:20 am

I gave a pair of those baseball caps to my parents some years ago! I'd forgotten all about them - good idea.


May. 14, 2008

10:14 pm

Thank god the long weekend is coming. I have made list of all sorts of food and beverage needs and of course the list of tools needed to fix the leaks and the winter damages. Oh and dont forget the gas and the oil and that boater license. Remember your visa card as your local hardware store or lumber store will be visited not just once but likely three times this weekend. Now those little black bugs are out and they will not stop me from being outside as I have the famous bug screen baseball cap that every cottager loves to wear only while wearing stinky cottage clothes. So have fun and remember if you cant fix it this weekend you have 15 more weekends until September to get the plumbing up and running for fall.

Bill @ Skeleton Lake

May. 14, 2008

8:24 am

I personally have no problem with not having the guys at the cottage in the spring to open up...if things were done right in the fall, opening up is actually quite enjoyable assuming you do it BEFORE the bugs wake up. Fall is the time for the boy's weekend (or week; it's starting to work out that way)...fewer neighbouring cottagers around to annoy, and it always seems harder to lift the boats, docks and rafts out than put them in. Also gives us time to make arrangements to meet in the city during the off-season. Besides, time change weekend has an extra hour in it for us to waste!

Kegfridge Commander

May. 7, 2008

3:54 pm

Hi Penny, guys weekends r a must, can't live without them. Charles u have interesting perspective. Try kegs next year, it may take a month 2 open. Cheers

Charles in HK

May. 6, 2008

10:13 am

The problem here is that we can't see the forest for the trees. Each year, without us noticing, opening a cottage becomes more and more complicated and lengthy. Then one day we look back to notice, "wow, it takes a lot longer to open a cottage these days than it used to... O' for the good ol' days." This co-relates directly with changing beer cases. I didn't notice that... did you? What happened to the "two four?" I never noticed it disappearing... kinda happened slowly. (Okay I admit, I've been away for a few years.) Now we have to buy two "18s" and that takes much longer to consume. As we get older we forget that "the other boys" are buying the beer... next thing we know everyone bought beer and we have a considerable amount of beer to consume ~ alas the most important thing to do when opening a cottage ~ this, of course, takes at least five days to accomplish... or was that six? The people who winterise their cottages have figured this out. They drink beer year round in order to keep the cottage open.


May. 5, 2008

12:39 pm

Hi Penny, I hope you'll forgive me, I've been poking fun at your "Opening Weekend Checklist" (referenced in the e-newsletter) See "A Westerner's Guide to Opening up the Cabin" for complete details. I think the most important thing to do on the long weekend is to sit down with a cold beer and enjoy it. Cheers, Julie

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