14 winter games

Easy games for the whole family to play in the snow

By Deborah DavisDeborah Davis

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Freezer/melter tag

Game prep

  • Extra scarves

How to play

This is a frosty variation of Statue Tag. One person is the Freezer and a couple of people are Melters. The Freezer and Melters wear different coloured scarves around their waists so they can be identified. When you are touched by the Freezer, you become a snowman and freeze in place until a Melter touches you. Melters cannot be frozen; instead, they try to thaw the snowmen as quickly as possible so everyone stays warm.

Inner-tube curling

Game prep

  • Ice rink
  • Inner tube

How to play

Want to really throw yourself into the game? Body curling is the new wave at winter carnivals. Each team of four curls its player down the ice on an inner tube. The tube that travels the farthest wins.


This article was originally published on October 1, 2009

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