How to build a tree house & tower

Want to build a cool treehouse the kids will love? Here's how

By Wayne LennoxWayne Lennox


Photo by Roger Yip


When I was kid, growing up in the wilds just outside of North Bay, we always had a treehouse—rather rickety affairs that we built ourselves. We spent endless hours in them; it gave us a sense of independence and adventure, elevated as we were above the world (even if it was just a few metres up).

Back then, we didn’t think our treehouses might damage living trees and, like all children, we didn’t worry much about our own safety. But I designed this project with safety, stability, and tree health in mind. The treehouse is freestanding, so you can build it anywhere, even where there are no suitable trees.

This a big project, but it’s fun, especially if you get the kids involved in planning and customizing it. And one of the customized additions they’ll love is a lookout tower.

Click here to download the treehouse plan

Click here to download the tower plan




The article was originally published in April/May 2005


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Jul. 3, 2012

8:12 pm

I'm very interested in building the treehouse and tower for my sons. I'm experiencing the same issues as the previous member. All the drawings are not complete and I can't seem to make out the illustrations. I am viewing the PDF files on my iPad. Can you please assist me? Thank you in advance.

Lora Kee

Apr. 12, 2012

1:09 pm

The plans are working on our end. Please email if you have problems accessing the PDFs.

Sep. 6, 2011

10:42 pm

I enjoy this magazine very much! Will you please redo your plans for the tree house as the pictures and courts are not there just the line pointing to them. Am I the only one who would like to build this but would like the plans and pictures complete ? Please fix this, thanks

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