4 ways to reuse/recycle cottage junk

Stuff tends to collect at the cottage, but don't toss it—use it

By Steve StocktonSteve Stockton

Reuse cottage junk

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1. Unload your cap collection

You know those beer caps you’ve been saving for decades? Well, you can recycle them at the same place as the bottles: The Beer Store.

2. Reduce your hoard of old runners

Nike will take any brand of used running shoes and grind them up into Nike Grind, a material used for sports tracks. Mail them to Nike Recycling Center, c/o Reuse-A-Shoe 26755 SW 95th Ave., Wilsonville, OR 97070.

3. Make your leftover paint last longer

Tip cans of unused paint upside down (make sure the lids are on tight) and it will keep for years; the paint creates an inner seal around the lids, so air can’t seep in and dry it up. When you’ve finally used up your latex paint, don’t toss the cans; just leave their lids off, let the paint dry completely, and use them as storage containers in your shed.

4. Bear-free composting

If you’re at your cottage at least every other weekend, you can compost your food scraps indoors, using worms. They create beautiful compost in special “vermicomposting” containers that emit little or no smell, so they aren’t a wildlife attractant. However, the hardworking worms need to be fed a minimum of once every two weeks.

This article was originally published on April 12, 2007

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